Why MilkBrain?

MilkBrain [milk breyn] noun

The changes she experienced during and after pregnancy that altered her world, life and mind. Milk is the main nourishment of the newborn forming a life/death and nurturing bond link between Mother and Child. Milk, specifically breast milk, is the most stressful meal to provide, causing many Mothers much anxiety, stress and sadness during the early months of motherhood, on and off. After weaning, Her brain is still trained on the baby’s survival and how she helps/aides/hinders it. Somewhere in there we talk about the Husband, with his amazing, fine, sexy, funny, crazy, perfect, smart, kind ass. Milk loves him deeply. You are entering her MilkBrain. It’s a fucking mess in here. Enjoy. And oh yeah, Marriage and Motherhood are the greatest gifts. (I don’t know why there’s a hint of sarcasm in that but there is)