Natural Product Review: Iwi Fresh

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It is strange that we wash our faces and bodies with so many chemicals daily then wonder why we have allergies, rashes and illnesses. Combined with diet and lifestyle, we get more than our fair share of toxins everyday. Once we had The Kid, I became more aware of how many toxins are in baby soaps and products plus he had super sensitive skin. After his first rash at 2 months old, I gave up on finding a truly natural skin care line in stores and started making my own body butter. After perfect that, I moved on to making hand and body soaps for my entire family. I only use edible ingredients to make everything so it’s all zero-toxin and safe for all ages of skin plus healing for skin ailments. (Sometimes, I sell them.)

HOWEVER, for years I’ve been searching for a face and skin care product that was natural enough to be eaten…until now.

Ladies (and Gentlmen), GET YOUR LIFE with IWI FRESH! Iwi Fresh is a Black-Owned, Farm-to-Skin Spa in Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately, I live in Texas but my amazing cousin who knows about my zero-toxin obsession told me about Iwi Fresh. I purchased the entire face line minus the make up remover since I don’t really do make up often at all.

The results of using the Iwi Fresh Farm-to-Face and Farm-to-Body skin care products were so incredible that I made my first video, just so you can really see my skin. It was nighttime and I had no special lighting, just the ceiling fan lights of my sunroom and the glow of my computer screen.

The only thing I wish is that Iwi Fresh’s products came with instructions on how to use each product in the entire line to get the best results. It helps to know which order to use each item. Even without instructions, I got amazing results and you will too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM as they are this Mom’s indulgence in every shower, now. I can’t wait to see how my skin responds over time to such a natural, healthy skin care routine! Watch the video then head on over to to get you some of their magic. If you live in the Atlanta area, please take advantage of the spa! I can’t wait until my next trip to ATL. Iwi Fresh will be my FIRST stop and I plan to be there all day!

And if you’re interested in some so-pure-it’s-edible Body Butter, let me know and I’ll whip your family up a nice batch 😉


A Quick Breakfast

Hey Vegans!! A yummy, easy breakfast to help keep your breast milk flowing or just to keep you ladies and gents going: Avocado Toast! I don’t know why these ingredients told me to combine them but I also don’t know how the genius behind mayonnaise or ketchup came to their discoveries either. Take your favorite toast, smear it with a tart and sweet preserve combo (I went with strawberry and apricot), layer just ripening sliced avocado and sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top. It’s quick. It’s vegan. It’s delicious and it’s packed full of fiber, healthy fats, protein, magnesium, copper and manganese. Top all of this with a sweet lettuce and it will really sing (I didn’t have anything but tart kale so I skipped this step)

Pair it with fresh fruit, Protein Nut Milk or Orange Juice for a good round breakfast. Power your morning meal with a little variety and strangeness courtesy of Millbrain- always in a rush and missing breakfast but not today!

Oranges for Home and Health

I love oranges any which-a-way. Juiced, sliced, ummm…that pretty much covers the edible stuff. But once I eat or juice any citrus fruit (grapefruit, blood orange, Valencia orange, lemon or lime) I take the peels and make an all purpose cleaning product for my home!

Having kids means keeping harmful chemicals and germs at bay 24-7, 365. This cleaning solution does just that!

Materials and Ingredients:

-Large Recycled Glass Jar with Lid (Pickles, Mayo, etc)

-Spray Bottle(s)

-citrus rinds from 2-3 fruits, collect as you eat (orange or anything else)

-1/2 To 1 tsp Tea Tree Oil

-White Distilled Vinegar

-fresh mint leaves

There’s no real magic mix here. I simply stuff the peels in the jar, add mint for added aromatherapy then fill the jar with vinegar. I add a teaspoon of tea tree oil and close it up. Let it sit for two weeks and you have a CONCENTRATED cleaning solution for non-hardwood floors*, greasy gunk, sticky messes, bathrooms, non-stone countertops, glass and plastic surfaces. You’ll know it’s ready when the vinegar has turned as deep orange color.

*For hardwood floors, just use Apple cider Vinegar in the place of white vinegar to protect the floor’s finish.

No matter which vinegar you use, this concentrate should be diluted before use! For heavy duty cleaning, use a 50/50 mix of vinegar solution and water in a spray bottle. For lighter duty cleaning, you can stretch your mix further by adding more water to it.

Now here’s the BEST PART: it’s kid safe! This is a no-rinse way to clean baby’s toys, eating surfaces and floors where they love to crawl and lick. (This is why we don’t allow shoes inside our house)


If you incorporate chores in your children’s lives, they can clean their own bathrooms with this!! The Kid now has a weekly chore of cleaning his sink, mirror and shower and he’s (currently) excited about the rite of passage of getting to use cleaning solutions and clean his own space.

So, oranges. Good for your health and your home.