Whatchu wanna know about Milk?

She’s funny, dedicated to the Kid, the Teeny One and her Man. She is all about her family, smart, witty, full of doubt and worries all the damn time. She curses (but not in front of the Kid unless they’re running from a Bobcat because he can’t use “grown-up words”). She was a scientist for a while (psychology and neuroscience) before the Kid and the Teeny One popped out and now she’s an entrepreneur, community servant, and an educator.

She’s a complicated woman who loves the man who chose to walk through life with her as her best friend, eternal boyfriend, and greatest supporter. She’s over 30 but people say she looks like she’s around 10 years younger–this creates an empathetic perspective as a Black mother who wasn’t but still looks like she was a teen Mom. She’s sensitive and has a clapback for most things (She and Jesus have been in the lab working on it for years…it’s slow and steady). Her face and its honest expressions are an open book and a lost cause, all at once. She’s been a lot of places, seen a lot of shit, she’s collected a lifetime of experiences and stories and LOVES to collect more.

This blog is for her but she’s making it public for you to keep her honest and regularly posting. This blog is her therapy and her conscious. And it ain’t for everyone but it is for Her. She is Jennifer. She is Milk and her thoughts make up MilkBrain.