Natural Product: Iwi Fresh Face and Body

I’m on vacation and taking a moment to think to better ways to take care of myself. My face and skin need to get some TLC since having Baby #2. In a few weeks I’ll be embarking on my Mommy Makeover with Alexis Shelton (IG: @lexluniverse), owner of The Groom Room, podcast Hip Hop Across The Board and blogger That will take care of the hair and clothes but my skin is another layer. I’ve decided to turn myself over to the products of Iwi Fresh, I heard about this Black-owned Spa with Farm to Face and Body products from my favorite Mom, Kamille Whittaker (IG: @jumpatthesuns). Iwi Fresh of Atlanta is also where my gorgeous little cousin/niece Kamani, (IG: @kamani.forever) was an intern and is now a summer employee!! Just now, I purchased the Squash-Lettuce-Carrot-Cucumber face kit, the Flax Grits Mato Antioxidant Face Scrub and the Lettuce Strawberry Mint body scrub. I can’t wait to tell you more about these products and my skin responds!! Now, showers can include a spa skin treatment for my face and body! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

This time, my postpartum recovery was deliberately planned so that I don’t forget about myself. I did that for six months after The Kid’s birth. I was so in love that he came ahead of my self-care. It did no one any favors to put myself last. I knew better so I did better with The Teeny One.

Can’t wait to share about Iwi Fresh!!


What 9 years of Marriage has taught me

Right before I went off to college, I made a list of all the things I wanted in my husband. I read it to a friend and she said, “That doesn’t exist!”

My Freshman year, I went on a 12 hour bus trip from DC to Daytona Beach, Florida. On the way to the bathroom, I met my husband.

I don’t know about love at first sight. What I do know is that love is not the story you read about, it’s the story you write. I know that making a list of what you want is always a good idea, regardless of what the list is for, it helps you remember and stay focused.

… love is not the story you read about, it’s the story you write.

I was 19 when I met a boy who deeply valued family, made an amazing friend, was driven, funny, intelligent, kind, generous, goal-setting-and-goal-meeting, handsome, and respectful. He was raised by two parents who showed him what partnership in parenting and life can achieve. He came from a tight-knit family that was also friends. He reminded me of home and all the things that made me feel safest and happiest. So, of course, I put him in the friend box, duh!

To be honest, I always knew he was different. I knew in some way that the way he made me feel was rare. I’m southern, right? That means there are some things you just don’t do in front of guys you like. You’re always the perfect lady and ladies don’t have mucous , gas, hunger, or bad habits. I also can’t sing…well. I can sing, just not well. I LOVE karaoke but it’s my spirit, not my talent that carries me through a karaoke concert. With this boy, I blew my nose, sang out loud in the car, belched (and asked to be excused, thank you), and ate Taco Bell ravenously. I did all the things that I shouldn’t do in front of a boy I liked because I thought I didn’t “LIKE” him like that. And it was the most liberating, warm and real I ever was in a relationship…but he was just my friend.

And then his Dad was diagnosed with Cancer. We started talking daily, praying together, discussing his fears and concerns. Things shifted to a supportive, intimate partnership to manage a crisis. It did so effortlessly, I truly cared about his heart and his mind…but he was just my friend. His family and I convinced him not to cancel his trip to Mexico. He called me multiple times a day from Mexico. In 2003. Using pay phones and calling cards he had to seek out and buy. It scared me. He was supposed to be in Mexico being bad. He was single, young, and handsome with his best friend in “what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico”, Mexico. But here he was calling me. So, I stopped answering his calls, duh! Remember, he was just my friend.

He got back, emailed me saying, “I see you stopped answering my calls. I respect that and I’m not going to keep calling you. If you want to talk, here’s my number.” I read it. I angrily vacuumed my apartment, rolling my eyes, offended by his self-respect and yet intrigued…and I called him three hours later. We talked all night. We spent a week talking about what we wanted out of our relationship together. I told him I wouldn’t accept disrespect. We even discussed how we’d handle a miscommunication so we wouldn’t have unnecessary arguments. We were thorough because we had been friends.

We were inseparable. Since 2003, that hasn’t changed. He’s been #1 on my list of “Top 3 Things I’d take to a Deserted Island” since 2003. We’ve perfected the art of cooperation and partnership, for us. He’s been there for all of my best and worst decisions since the end of 2002. To look back on our lives and have endless inside jokes and hilarious memories, has given our relationship a depth and richness that projected our roots deeper into a super solid foundation. We’ve grown up together from age 19 to where we are now. I knew he’d make an amazing father and friend to his wife and kids.

He proposed in 2007, we married in 2009. In our vows we included a portion of a poem that said “I know I can never be shortchanged, for the part of me that I give to you is replaced by the part of you that you leave with me.” That’s been a guiding principle of our marriage. We give of ourselves as selflessly as we can to one another because we trust and know that it’s not leaving a deficit but rather making space to receive from the one we are most open to. There’s an insane amount of trust in that and it’s been tested. Remembering that we are “symbiotic” in sharing and loving, has always been what brings balance and respect.

We give of ourselves as selflessly as we can to one another because we trust and know that it’s not leaving a deficit but rather making space to receive from the one we are most open to.

In tense, vulnerable moments or when addressing sensitive topics, I’ve learned that immediately speaking my mind is not as effective as being silent and thoughtful before speaking. The sanctity of silence is real. Practicing it has given me time to listen better and share better.

When we discuss things where we “disagree”, we talk about how we feel, what we received from the other’s actions and ask for clarification of intention and intended lesson. I learned that after 20 minutes of discussion, you should probably summarize where you are, what has been discussed and come back to it later, after private thought. Any longer and you’re really just trying to convince the other to adopt your perspective and negate their own. Taking responsiblity for your role and taking action from the lesson you learn is key in moving forward productively. Talk about yourself, not your partner!

I’ve also learned that drama before work must be reserved for truly necessary discussions limited to the rarest of rare. But after work, white gloves on, duel. Why? My husband is a Black man being scrutinized in a field where he is usually isolated and yet held to the most ridiculous standards of perfection. He doesn’t shy away from the unbelievable expectations set on his shoulders. He, in fact, has mastered the art of making it look and actually be easy to do his work and correct and improve the work of others who might impact the quality of his work. I know my husband like the back of my hand. If we disagree about something, I know how it weighs on him and impacts him. So, in order for me to add that sort of distraction and energy to him, it’s got to be a major issue. Plus, I don’t fuck with our money. He’s out there killing it as a provider for our family. KILLING. IT. Why would I work against our stability? Who shoots themself in the foot? We’re building something real for our sons and money helps. Period.

Being organized helps so freaking much. LISTEN! Use google calendars to communicate about places you need to be and things you need to do. We avoid communication slip ups or forgetting important stuff by having a shared calendar. It’s easy and brilliant. Having organization in the house also helps incredibly. There’s a place for almost anything so he can help me keep our house romantic and peaceful. Using organization and tech to make teamwork work is the way to go. Trust!

In my vows, I said that I wanted our sons and daughters to see an amazing, rare love. [Sidenote: PLURAL sons and daughters?? I guess I was planning for 4 kids?? WTF?] We don’t have a daughter. I’ve already discussed this lack of a girl, remember? So, our sons give us a daily goal of showing them the type of love and partnership we want them to have. We’re setting the example that they will replicate. We want the best for them and so we work hard to show them what the best in parenthood, partnership and love looks like. I’ve learned that being an example helps me be my best. Do what works for you, that is what works for me.

I’ve learned that sex is a language that reflects the deepest values in your marriage. It’s the language that you speak physically and it’s the most intoxicating and fun. Sex is sensual communication on a whole other mind-bending plane. I don’t really think sex requires a lot of talking or explanation.

I know I’ve learned a lot of other things as well but I’ll stop there. In short (long), being married to the boy who rewrote my “husband traits list” and improved it, is a life win. Being married to be boy who was my best friend, is a life win. Choosing to love him more and more each day, is my pleasure. Finding new ways to love him, communicate with him and COMMUNICATE with him is well, just alllllll the cherries, ice cream, and icing on top of the best damn cake, cake, cake, ayyyyyyyyyye!!

So HAPPY 9th ANNIVERSARY to two crazy kids brought together by Howard University and fate, formed in love and friendship, and rooted in respect and COMMUNICATION 😉


Discarded Fence Wood becomes a A FREE DIY Play Set

So you may know by now that I am a DIY Girl. You can thank my Daddy for that! As the daughter of a carpenter, there’s nothing like the joy of a well done do-it-yourself project. And it’s even better when it’s FREE!

I love the Nextdoor app. Besides ways to meet neighbors and truly build a community, there are so many giveaways that can lend themselves to a great project. One of my neighbors gave me a bunch of fence wood. I wasn’t exactly sure how I would use them.

They sat for about a year as I pondered their use. And then it struck me: a playset/climber for The Kid. We’re still designing and decorating our house and backyard and the real play set I want to buy him is nearly $2000 and has about 2000 pieces. We truly haven’t had the wherewithal to tackle that project yet.

So, turning this wood into a battery burnout play set for The Kid is a win!! I didn’t have a complete design plan when I started. I literally just improvised as I went along. I knew I (aka The Hubs) wanted to do very little cutting.

My measurements were simple. I used the width of each plank to space out the ladder walls. The Hubs cut about 20 squares from two fence boards to help me space each ladder level evenly and provide better climbing support between spaced out ladder levels. I found some leftover screws from past projects. I used three fence boards as the vertical support on each ladder wall. And I made each ladder wall fit together like a puzzle for more strength and security.

All in all, it took me about 3 hours to settle on a design and throw it all together. The Hubs anchored it into the ground so no child is injured while climbing and voila!

A free play set! It’s a hit!! And it didn’t cost me a penny!! I love it when free materials get a new life!! Upcycling is fulfilling!

A Quick Breakfast

Hey Vegans!! A yummy, easy breakfast to help keep your breast milk flowing or just to keep you ladies and gents going: Avocado Toast! I don’t know why these ingredients told me to combine them but I also don’t know how the genius behind mayonnaise or ketchup came to their discoveries either. Take your favorite toast, smear it with a tart and sweet preserve combo (I went with strawberry and apricot), layer just ripening sliced avocado and sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top. It’s quick. It’s vegan. It’s delicious and it’s packed full of fiber, healthy fats, protein, magnesium, copper and manganese. Top all of this with a sweet lettuce and it will really sing (I didn’t have anything but tart kale so I skipped this step)

Pair it with fresh fruit, Protein Nut Milk or Orange Juice for a good round breakfast. Power your morning meal with a little variety and strangeness courtesy of Millbrain- always in a rush and missing breakfast but not today!

Oranges for Home and Health

I love oranges any which-a-way. Juiced, sliced, ummm…that pretty much covers the edible stuff. But once I eat or juice any citrus fruit (grapefruit, blood orange, Valencia orange, lemon or lime) I take the peels and make an all purpose cleaning product for my home!

Having kids means keeping harmful chemicals and germs at bay 24-7, 365. This cleaning solution does just that!

Materials and Ingredients:

-Large Recycled Glass Jar with Lid (Pickles, Mayo, etc)

-Spray Bottle(s)

-citrus rinds from 2-3 fruits, collect as you eat (orange or anything else)

-1/2 To 1 tsp Tea Tree Oil

-White Distilled Vinegar

-fresh mint leaves

There’s no real magic mix here. I simply stuff the peels in the jar, add mint for added aromatherapy then fill the jar with vinegar. I add a teaspoon of tea tree oil and close it up. Let it sit for two weeks and you have a CONCENTRATED cleaning solution for non-hardwood floors*, greasy gunk, sticky messes, bathrooms, non-stone countertops, glass and plastic surfaces. You’ll know it’s ready when the vinegar has turned as deep orange color.

*For hardwood floors, just use Apple cider Vinegar in the place of white vinegar to protect the floor’s finish.

No matter which vinegar you use, this concentrate should be diluted before use! For heavy duty cleaning, use a 50/50 mix of vinegar solution and water in a spray bottle. For lighter duty cleaning, you can stretch your mix further by adding more water to it.

Now here’s the BEST PART: it’s kid safe! This is a no-rinse way to clean baby’s toys, eating surfaces and floors where they love to crawl and lick. (This is why we don’t allow shoes inside our house)


If you incorporate chores in your children’s lives, they can clean their own bathrooms with this!! The Kid now has a weekly chore of cleaning his sink, mirror and shower and he’s (currently) excited about the rite of passage of getting to use cleaning solutions and clean his own space.

So, oranges. Good for your health and your home.