Having MilkBrain about MilkBrain

Wow. September-November was a beast. A BEAST I SAY! We moved. We tried to unpack everything (fail). We continued our Homeschooling and lives while trying to “keep our heads above water, making a wave when we can”.  In November, we decided to have our Housewarming Party on Thanksgiving, which was also our Third Annual Family Thanksgiving Party. It always seems like it will be so simple. Just make a to do list. Knock it out. Sit back and enjoy! While all those things were certainly done, I woefully underestimated the scale of that to-do list. But hey, I’m back! And I have about a million pictures of our daily adventures in Homeschooling and Unschooling that spans late September to November. I’ll try to hit the highlight reel in the some backdated posts so hang on to your hats and check the archives for new posts from September, October and November! (Those new, backdated posts will cover our fieldtrips, adventures, classwork, and musings about all that’s happened in about 10 weeks…sheesh)


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