Montessori Moments in Homeschooling


The Red One is learning to use scissors and enjoys creating geometric shapes. Here he is showcasing his rectangle!


The Kid is excited about Practical Life exercises because he gets to use adult materials that are normally off limits. Here, he is beginning a sewing activity that is aligned with his love for all things outer space.


The Red One loves animals so we are building our Zoological vocabulary with this Montessori activity. He’s matching the model animals to their picture and written name. By the first iteration of this game, he had already learned the animal “Impala”.


About an hour and 20 minutes after he began, The Kid completed his Rocketship pillow! You can see his pride!


The day before, we toured a Mosque with a lovely Muslim gentleman who told the boys all about how the Mosque is used, Arabic calligraphy, and the traditions of Muslim worship. They also learned the many ways that Christianity is similar to tenets of Muslim doctrine found in the Quran. We rounded out this experience with a beautiful Book about Muslim traditions, celebrations and attire. The boys learned new vocabulary and broadened their cultural horizons.


After an exercise of pattern making, The Red One decided to use the same materials to make his own “snake”! He truly enjoys animals including reptiles.


This exercise builds dexterity and focus, perfect goals for a 3 year old. “I Never Forget A Face” is a fun, culturally diverse Memory Game that takes you on a trip around the world. You match the faces of children in traditional attire from 24 different nations in the world. We learn to take turns, follow rules, compete and study the faces of children all around the world. This game sparks geography conversations and inquiry every time we play. We used our giant World Wall Map many times to identify the home nations of some of the children.


Working on multiplication can be abstract at age 5, but not with manipulative a like these. The Kid found multiplication easy to understand with this fun material.


Questions about multiplication’s parallels in addition sparked an exercise in doubling using addition. We worked our way all the way from doubling numbers in the ones place all the way to doubling numbers in the ten thousands!! No tears and I had to actually tell him to stop! This exercise Reinforced long addition, carrying numbers from place value to place value and was a lot of fun!


Both fellas are interested in how they can make their mark on the world. One way that we highlight their potential contributions is through order, cleanliness and responsibility. To drive this point home and illustrate Big things Little Hands can do, we talked about and explored recycling. Thanks to Reading Rainbow, we “visited” a recycling plant to look at exactly how old materials are cleaned and repurposed into new, useful products we need everyday.

We played our own recycling game by sorting various pretend items by their composition materials. In short, we played a recycling game!!

 Our new neighbor is excited to have young children back in the neighborhood. Our family has the youngest children on the block. Having tiny neighbors inspired him to decorate his house for Christmas for the first time ever! The Kid wrote him a thank you note to show his appreciation for Mr. B’s thoughtfulness and creativity! We, in turn, got a chance to work on handwriting, spelling and letter formatting!We suited up for the weather and hand-delivered our letter to our kind and newly retired neighbor!


The Island Spot Oak Cliff

It could be that The Hubs is Jamaican but I’d like to think that it’s because the food and service are IRIE!! If you haven’t visited one of their two DFW area locations, you’re missing out on a food trip to Yard ( that’s Jamaica). I am in LOVE with the authentic flavors and the authentically welcoming and warm service that I have come to rely on with every visit to The Island Spot. With two locations in Carrolton and Oak Cliff, you can get your curry or jerk fix from anywhere in the metroplex. The rum punch and other adult drinks are powerful, if that’s what your thing, but they are delicious!! Don’t miss the Sunday brunch with bottomless Coconut Pineapple or Mango Mimosas or the Live Music on Fridays at 7pm! In all the hustle and bustle of parenthood and work, who doesn’t need a meal that makes you feel like you’ve taken a trip to the Caribbean? Especially when the meals look as good as they taste like this Ackee and Saltfish with Fried Dumplings and Spinach. Take it from me, I’ve eaten authentic Jerk Chicken annually from the outdoor fire pits in Boston Bay, the birthplace of Jerk- The Island Spot if the truth!

Having MilkBrain about MilkBrain

Wow. September-November was a beast. A BEAST I SAY! We moved. We tried to unpack everything (fail). We continued our Homeschooling and lives while trying to “keep our heads above water, making a wave when we can”.  In November, we decided to have our Housewarming Party on Thanksgiving, which was also our Third Annual Family Thanksgiving Party. It always seems like it will be so simple. Just make a to do list. Knock it out. Sit back and enjoy! While all those things were certainly done, I woefully underestimated the scale of that to-do list. But hey, I’m back! And I have about a million pictures of our daily adventures in Homeschooling and Unschooling that spans late September to November. I’ll try to hit the highlight reel in the some backdated posts so hang on to your hats and check the archives for new posts from September, October and November! (Those new, backdated posts will cover our fieldtrips, adventures, classwork, and musings about all that’s happened in about 10 weeks…sheesh)