Meet Our New MilkBrain Author: Melody

Get ready to learn about nutrition. I’m talking HACKS! Melody is not here for the mainstream definition of what it means to eat, look, or be healthy. This Mom knows that research, based on what’s important to you and your body, is the best way to be the healthiest you. Melody is here to pour new ideas into your mind about what you can and should do to be at your or your child’s best. Melody is also a Mom! Her adorable little guy is evidence of her passion and commitment to evolving herself and her definition of child, maternal and family health. Mel won’t just talk nutrition as MilkBrain is a blog for Moms to speak about their journey in life, living and motherhood. So pull up a chair and dig into her gems! Welcome this awesome lady to MilkBrain and expand your palate!!!


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