D.Y.I. Pallet Planter

dsc_0972      The do it yourself pallet planter is a fun, easy and low-budget project that you can do with your seeds. First you will need a pallet, you can find these on the side of the road like we did, on construction sites, or grocery stores. They are always free just ask permission if you are getting them from a store or construction site to make absolutely sure.  Once you have your pallet take garden cloth or plastic garden cover, and tack it into place on the boards that are parallel. ( this will give your youngsters a chance to use a hammer and “nail” techniques if they are not already familiar) Once you do this you can reinforce with burlap, because once you put the dirt in, it will be a little heavy. So make sure you pull your cloth or plastic very tight. (we had to go back and reinforce our’s.)

The next step is to paint the exposed boards with chalk board paint. (*Tip-You can purchase a small bottle that will last for most projects for approximately three dollars at Hobby Lobby.) Once the paint dries you can write what you are planting so that as the seeds grow you will not forget what plant is there. We used all organic seeds and Vigoro potting mix to plant them in, as shown above. It has taken us  three weeks to get sprouts of the tomato, parsley and four weeks for small sprigs of lettuce and oregano. Still have not gotten our chives or catnip to sprout, but Kingston talks to them daily. So please comment if you try out our pallet planter and let us know how your plants are doing. My sons have been so excited to see it work and we can’t wait to utilize our herbs and veggies from our planter!


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