Inventor Inspiration

14550790_10154722179874391_1700495611_oI am always looking for ways to inspire my young Kings, so I purchased Black Pioneers of Science and Invention by Louis Haber. Originally I brought the book for my middle schooler, but decided that I would share the knowledge with both of them. The book starts with Benjamin Banneker scientist, astronomer, mathematician, clock maker, and surveyor. What we enjoyed most about the story is that he was self-taught, in a time where melanated people were not allowed to be educated, nor seen as naturally intelligent people. This not only gave them perspective on how important being educated back in the 1700’s was, but it also gave them insight into the mind of someone who persevered beyond barriers just on interest alone.

Once we finished our chapter I challenged them to create something as Benjamin Banneker had done. My twelve year old decided to produce an almanac, which took a great deal of time. ( and he was just copying information) In doing this he gained a sense of the time in took Banneker to construct such a detailed almanac and why it was so appreciated at the time. He also gained understanding on how farmers could use the almanac to know when the best time was to plant and harvest. For my seven year old we recreated a flat card stock clock creation, similar to the creation of Banneker’s wooden clock. This invoked thought on how our modern clocks have changed and how they operate.

I feel as a parent it is very important to share these stories in hopes of boosting a thirst for knowledge. In a traditional school setting many important Africans and native “black” americans are written out of history. Especially those that have been way makers ( the scientist and inventors) It is extremely important for us to share these stories with our seeds, so that they are encouraged to think outside the norm. I highly recommend this book and will be sharing one chapter a week with my young Kings to continue to spark the excitement of science and education.


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