Meet Our New MilkBrain Author: Tanekeya


I met Tanekeya on the campus of Howard University. (HU! YOU KNOW!) Back then, I was a chubby faced teen who would walk across the yard and hear “Chipmuuuunk!” There was only one person in the world that called me “Chipmunk” and that was Tanekeya. Hearing it always made me blush and smile. I blushed because I didn’t want others to hear and start calling me that (LOL) but I smiled because I knew I was about to be blessed with a big hug and a GREAT conversation. Tanekeya was and is kind, creative, BEAUTIFUL (see above photo), strong, BRILLIANT, and inspiring. I loved talking with and working with her on Power Hall or simply walking the campus. Never one to talk or think in small ideas, Tanekeya was and is always genuine, encouraging and so unflinchingly positive. It was for all of these amazing virtues that I never minded being called Chipmunk or Gizmo* but saw it as a blessing that someone as amazing as she was my friend. (*I had a thing for wearing my hair in a bun)

Fast forward to 2016-We are both Mothers to Black Boys and it places us in a sensitive space. Tanekeya is a Contemporary Visual Artist, an AOP Fellow and Doctoral Candidate in Urban Education at The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and, as she accurately puts it, “made of intergalactic afro dust”. Like Alexis, Tanekeya will inspire you, empower you and awaken you. All this Magic is contagious, MilkBrain Moms and Dads!! Besides MilkBrain, find out about Tanekeya’s work at


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