The Short Story of Otis the Frog

The Kid and The Red One found an injured frog. After donning gloves, we moved the poor creature into a makeshift Veterinarian ER (ok, it was a plastic shoebox with water, grass and a rock). We tried feeding him a praying mantis (no luck). The Fellas kept a close eye on him and even named him Otis. One way they medicated him was through musical therapy. They created a lovely song that went ” Booty, booty, booty, booty”…you get the picture. Poor Otis seemed to thrive on the verbal attention and water but less so on the regular poking, heavy handed petting and rough carrying. Over the course of his morning at our Backyard Vet ER, Otis went from dry, flat and nearly dead, to alive, moving and ready for release.

img_2031 The Search and Rescue of Old Otis


Otis in the Backyard Vet ER (Shoebox)


The intense and aggressive Musical Therapy, in action. Song: Booty, Booty, Booty


The medical team checks on their patient (OFTEN and Not with the best bedside manner)


After a morning of care by two of the leading physicians at Backyard Vet ER, Otis regained use of his legs, muscle tone and was rehydrated. Otis was cleared for his release into the wild.


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