Meet our New MilkBrain Author: Alexis

Alexis’s Mother and mine met in their late twenties while working in corporate America- we’re talking about late 70’s Texas Corporate America. Two Beautiful Black women became best friends in a time of intense sexism and racist. That is how Alexis and I became cousins and sisters. We have been connected since we were eggs in a basket. She was the one who sat next to me at my childhood birthday parties and blew out my candles proudly. She was the one who I dressed up with, pretending to be the women we are today. And today, she is my partner in homeschooling and Motherhood adventures. She is one of my best friends, my sister-cousin and now she is an Author on this hot mess of a blog, lol. She is a stylist, entrepreneur, and so much more. Just wait to get to know her and love her ❤️ 
Pic note: The Hubs, Alexis, and my amazing family got together and planned a surprise 90’s Birthday Party/Game Night for my 25th(wink wink) Birthday! This is us at the photo booth!!! Costumes were awesome thanks to her ❤️


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