Unschooling Homeschool 

Yes we live in an area with good to great schools. But for many reasons (we can discuss later), my husband and I have chosen to unschool-world school-homeschool. Focusing on building resourcefulness, responsibility, respect for self and others and resilience are most important for early education. Having a foundation in these principles prepares you to meet obstacles with confidence and equips you to innovate solutions. So today, we talked about living and non living things, weeds vs other plants and weeded our garden. In using our hands, we empower learning on the child’s level and increase the impact through experience. We found snails, thorny vines and discovered roots and other plant anatomy. Through play, we expanded vocabulary and skills to care for our world and our home. We also learned that weeds have important uses like teas, medicine and butterly food. We ate peppermint from the garden, which was in itself becoming a weed as it grew rapidly in areas where it was unwanted. 

We topped off our morning by using tools! We used 4 oz hammers to drive nails into heavy duty boxes. We then used the hammers to extract those nails. What a busy morning learning that our world and our bodies are amazing. 


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