VH Oak Cliff

If you haven’t eaten at VH Oak Cliff, you’re a fool. If you’ve stood at Jonathan’s and actually waited whilst there was an open table at VH, which is right next door, you’re cray. After murdering one buffalo fried chicken crepe, I pointed at my plate and said, “You did that.”  My husband’s pretty much committed adultery with his plate of Huevos Rancheros. And I ain’t mad. You hear (read) me!? (Note: this is a joke, our marriage is great, Mama) And our waitress, Mireya, was amazing. (Mr. T Voice) I pity the fool who chooses to wait for Jonathan’s instead of going to heaven at VH OAK CLIFF. From the atmosphere to the food and drinks, it’s a gift to you. Milk ordered the Angry Birds and Hubs had the Huevos Rancheros. The Kid had “I don’t care” because he was with my brother Nd sister-in-law while we ate kid free. Try to Indulge in the Santa Barbara Breeze and the Flying Mule. Those are Mommy and Daddy drinks, so they have alcohol in them, k?! Can’t wait for T. Nicole and J. Mo to come visit so we can eat here! 
VH Oak Cliff

1115 Beckley Ave (Corner of Beckley and Zang)

Dallas, TX 


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